Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Wrinkles is beauty"

- my host father on the skirt my host family gave me for my birthday, telling me how I shouldn't iron it because its beauty is in the fact that it's wrinkled

I'm getting away this weekend, back to Jaipur because a package a certain gentleman sent me is being held by customs so they can open it in front of me and inspect it and make me pay them a mystery fee. Hopefully none of it will be confiscated. My host family is being awesome and letting me stay with them (they've repeatedly said in the past how whenever I come back to Jaipur, I shouldn't stay in a hotel because I am family). I'm excited to a) be away from here b) see my host fam again c) be able to go to good restaurants again d) be able to get more materials to keep me busy. Although I have finally made work for myself at the internship, putting the dusty library in order. And soon I'll have to work on my final paper for MSID, 10 pages about the internship..XP Have to meet with Rimaji while we're in Jaipur to talk about the internship, bleh.

And then next weekend I'm going to Udaipur!!! ^_^


  1. you should let the person know about your good and bad experiences so they can change or look for other alternative sites for future interns if current host are bias or uncultured. Glad that you are going back to Jaipur. Regards to your host parents and have fun.

  2. hmm i wish i had thought of that!! i would have sent you a package with suspicious contents as an excuse to get you out of jodhpur for a weekend, too... ;) actually, i had a similar experience recently, too - but the "suspicious" contents turned out to be about a gram of alphabet pasta in a plastic bag (did it look like cocaine or something...?!) so i'm sure your things won't be confiscated <3