Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Success! सफलता !

Just returned from many many hours in the center of the city, and am pleased to report that I have procured:

1 gray-khaki linen pleated skirt (over the knee o' course)
1 black cotton skirt -- quite voluminous and with white embroidery that vaguely evokes lotuses on the hem
1 pair of slightly platform flip flops, as the ones I have are worn down and hard. They feel like walking on pillows, ahh.
1 luggage tag which has "Upgrade Me!" embroidered on it...we'll see if it works :P
1 copy of Hesse's Siddhartha in the original German, so I can keep in touch with the language while remaining topically on task

and best of all:
1 adorable little children's book--the kind with hard pages--called "Goodnight Chicago," which is basically a tour of the city given by the happiest, most diverse group of people ever. Hopefully my host family will have a small child...or have relatives who have a small child...or my internship will involve small children...

Sadly no good pants were to be found, but I'm considering bringing my favorite old pair of jeans. They don't have that much life left in them anyway, and I can wear long shirts over them to make up for them being form-fitting. 3 bottoms should be enough for a week, riight..?

Since I last wrote I have finished Narayan's Mahabharata and Paro, Dreams of Passion. New goal: finish MSID packet by the end of the week. Also must locate The Little Book of Hindu Deities...finished reading it ages ago but it's been hiding somewhere in the apartment for most of the summer, and cannot be renewed any longer.

P.S. I have now been on malaria-prevention pills for a week, and I think I have had too many vivid dream recollections during it for this to be a coincidence. However, none of them have really been disturbing or nightmarish, so I think it will be fine. (I had to begin the pills extra early to make sure that I am not one of the people who experiences the rare side effect of really intense, terrible dreams.) It is still pretty strange to always start the day coming out of a dream.


  1. Good for you for sticking on the Malarial Pill regimen, but woo boy. I have heard some horror stories about those bad boys.

    Also I am fairly sure that your HindiTunes has been playing the same 30 seconds of video the entire time that I've been typing this. Or it's possible that the video plays the same bit of video over and over.

  2. ...Some of the songs are pretty repetitive. But I make changes to the playlist every now and then.