Friday, December 4, 2009

Before I forget

I've had a couple quotes to share for a while now. You may have noticed that that feature has been missing from my blog lately...basically because we talk to people so little nowadays! =( anyway.

Dark, Rich Cocoa with Hot/Cold Milk is a Guaranteed 'Feel Good', The Perfect Substitute for a light hug"
-menu in a cafe in Sardar Bazaar. I wish I could've afforded it so I could judge whether that claim holds true, haha. But it was the cost of a meal in an Indian restaurant, so I passed.

"When you want to understand India, think Medieval Europe." -Rimaji (?!?!?!??!?!?!)

"You don't get this high with tissue airplanes every day." -adorable British boy to his mother at a rooftop restaurant in Udaipur

I don't remember his exact wording, but when Meenakshiji's brother picked me and Basanti up today to drop us off to see his wife and parents, he basically called Jodhpur a glorified village.

Also I don't remember her exact wording, but Nidhiji (Meenakshiji's sister in law) told us that "the sun always shines on Jodhpur. You know, it starts in Calcutta and ends in Jodhpur, the last rays of sun, till the very last minute that the sun is hitting India, it is in Jodhpur." That's why it's called the Sun City! Aw. What a lovely image.

(I'll write more about today at a later date. Basically we had the perfect last outing in Jodhpur. =)

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