Saturday, December 12, 2009

Last Blog Post Written In Indiaaa!

I am writing this from the computer in the flat an Indian painter who knows one of my friend's mothers rents out. It is beautiful! We could have found a cheaper place probably, but it's nice to be with someone who treats us like family on our last day. Shuchiji has been wonderful. Today we went to see the Baha'i temple that is shaped like an unfurling lotus; it was amazing. Entering the space there was like a tangible feeling in the air, I can't even explain it...I teared up immediately. Then we went to Sarojini Nagar, a bazaar that has export overstock clothing, among other things (like delicious momos, I discovered). Now I am all packed and killing time till we go to the airport; our taxis are coming in a lil under 3 hours, at 8pm. Takeoff is at 12:55am...!

But don't worry, the stories 'n' anecdotes don't end here, I've decided to keep this up till I'm all written out. There are plenty of things I meant to share that I just didn't get the chance to given internet access, stress, etc. Anyway. There shall continue to be updates here till the end of J-term probably =).

See some of you soonnnn!


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  1. momosss!!! sorry, i just saw this post, and i got so excited for my native food!
    see you soon, lovely lady.