Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some Numbers

2- number of people for whom thanks are overdue! Thank you Monna & Reed for the delicious loose-leaf teas you sent! (Didn't mean to overlook y'all, it was only recently brought to my attention that they were from you.) The strawberry hibiscus one is particularly awesome; after brewing I eat the strawberry pieces and even the flower petals when I'm particularly desperate for a snack, haha. Also the tea turns out in the most beautiful deep fuchsia color. It's funny bc when I first saw the bags I thought of tea garden and by extension you two, and now I am 99.8% sure that is where they came from.
3- number of days our supervisors have been missing. We got home from Udaipur Monday night; there was a padlock on the door to their bedroom and they were nowhere to be found. All of Tuesday they did not appear. All of today they did not appear. We do not know where they are. They called Basanti once while we were on the bus to Jodhpur, but she just barely missed the call, and they never called back. (We each only have a few rupees left on our phones so we are saving those for emergencies, and anyway Anitaji usually calls multiple times until she gets us. I guess us knowing where she has gotten to is low on her priority list.)
6 - number of band-aids on my left leg. My legs are covered for the majority of my waking hours (and now that it's getting so cold at night, I tend to wear leggings or my full length skirt to bed too), as showing ankle is considered scandalous hereabouts, so today when I looked down and saw how spotty my legs were it was pretty surprising/alarming. I don't want to come home looking like a recovering chicken pox patient, so I'm keeping triple antibiotic and band-aids on each spider bite relic to prevent scarring. I don't even really have enough band-aids to cover them all
10 - number of band-aids on my right leg. I also have one on my right shoulder, and I should put a couple more on my arm. It's so easy to scratch at those without thinking; I can already see scars forming =(.
10 - days till I am back in the United States of Americaaaaaa!
<24 - number of hours it took to have a silk cocktail dress and a top custom made in Udaipur. The dress I designed myself and they just brought to life--a few things were wrong with it, like they randomly added really long slits in the sides and had made it too loose despite having taken my measurements, but within 30 minutes of the dress being whisked out of the shop, it came back with those elements repaired! The top was based off of an existing design, but I had specifications about how I wanted the brocade pattern to be placed in relation to my body. It turned out nearly perfect; I noticed only after getting back to Jodhpur that the straps are a little too long, but I can easily remedy that. All this for far, far less than a single off the rack article of silk clothing would cost back home. It's crazy how quickly they can get things done; it felt like a 1-hr photo service. (The minimum time for most things was 2 hours if you needed them that quickly.) I bought the two items from different places, but the same tailor showed up to measure me at both. He was great; very professional and would share his opinion when he thought a different approach than what I had in mind would look better.

Photos from the Udaipur trip are forthcoming =)

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  1. HAHA that's my zena, being so proactive with things like scar prevention... man i wish i was like that but honestly i get injured too much... remember when , after jeff's bike accident with me, i went around for days w/o bandaids on my knees...? i bet i could have prevented these scars now if i hadn't been so lazy :P

    oh wow, i have to see this cocktail dress!! it sounds gorgeous!! ahhhhhh i can't believe you're coming back in 10 days??!!! well... enjoy enjoy, and i'll be back in less than a month too ^^